Baby will need to be awake to spoon feed, but keep in mind that baby is likely to wake up more after a smell or taste of colostrum. ( Click here to go back to hand expressing colostrum.)

Swaddle baby.  This is simply to keep baby's hands from spilling the colostrum.  Baby may be sleepy at the start of a spoon feeding.  Often just a smell or small taste of colostrum will wake baby.  Then, next thing you know, baby is rooting with her hands to mouth.  This is a good thing, but can spill the precious colostrum. 

Sit Baby Upright in Your Lap & Support Baby's Head. Whomever is spoon feeding baby, needs to keep baby upright, supported their lap. Support baby's head & neck by cradling baby's shoulders & neck.  Avoid holding onto baby's head.  This upright and supported positioning will facilitate baby sipping & swallowing safely.

Touch the Spoon to Baby's Lower Lip. Baby Will Lap or Sip Colostrum. Baby's instinct is begin licking as a result of smelling the colostrum.  After a taste, baby may begin sucking movements of the mouth.  This will allow baby to sip the colostrum. 

Do Not Pour Colostrum into Baby's Mouth. Let baby control how much colostrum goes into her mouth. For safety, it is best to avoid pouring or squirting anything into baby’s mouth.

Try again to Latch Baby on to the Breast. After a taste of colostrum baby often begins rooting for more.  Be ready for this!  Plan ahead. If baby shows the signs of readiness to feed, will mom be ready? Is mom in a comfortable position, gown easily opened, with privacy from visitors if desired?   Opportunities to latch baby can be fleeting—try to be sure everyone is ready when baby is.

Teaching Spoon ​Feeding