Sharon Curry, IBCLC

A crafty, creative Lactation Consultant

I have been working as a Lactation Consultant in the DC area since I became IBCLC certified in 2006 and knit my first boobie in 2012.  Who knew you could combine crafts & lactation?                                                                                      
 I work at Sibley Memorial Hospital and a local pediatrician helping new mothers trouble-shoot lactation difficulties.  I greatly enjoy this work, but have been a frustrated artist and crafter since high school.  I am happy to report I have found a way to express my creativity!

In addition to helping mothers individually, I enjoy developing and teaching breastfeeding classes. I love making handouts with concise, clear information.  I like teaching tools that learners can interact with & touch.  I like hard copy that mothers can refer to quickly rather than scrolling through pages of tiny text on their phones.  I guess I am old school in that way--I appreciate in person, interactive learning.

The  Demo Boobies    encourage interaction---plus they really lighten the mood!  I am happy to offer Demo Boobies thru this website, but in case I can't keep up with the demand, I am offering the pattern and craft instructions.  Teachers who need Demo Boobies can knit their own, or recruit a crafty volunteer to help.  Can you imagine the crew of Hopsital Volunteers in a boobie knitting circle? I can :-)   

The   Spoon Card  is the first  teaching tool I have published for wide distribution--thank you Noodle Soup! I hope that this simple tool will be useful for mothers who want to breastfeed as well as the many people---nurses, doulas, partners, grandmas, peer counselors & others---helping them. 

I created Lactation Stuff to be a place to keep Lactation Links to my favorite breastfeeding resources for mothers and helpers.  As I learn about webdesign, I hope to add more links.  Please contact me of you have ideas about what you'd like to see included.  In the meantime, watch this space; I have a few ideas brewing for new teaching tools.   Who knows what's next?